The 5 W’s of Sexual Assault Today 2022

the 5 ws of sexual assault today 2022

The 5 W’s of Sexual Assault

Today 2022

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Attackers tend to target a certain ‘look’ in women. No, wearing suggestive clothing or a lot of makeup is not what will make you more likely to be a victim. Surprisingly, what does make a difference is long hair and loose fitting clothes. Women with long hair, especially if it is styled in a ponytail or loose braid that can be easily grabbed are prime targets.Style your hair in a way that does not give an attacker something he can get a hold of. Buns or french braids fit that bill. Attackers also look for women wearing loose fitting clothing that they can easily tear off or bind you with.


The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language defines sexual assault as “Conduct of a sexual or indecent nature toward another person that is accompanied by actual or threatened physical force or that induces fear, shame, or mental suffering.” Most people think only of rape when defining a sexual assault, but this can include indecent exposure as well.


Contrary to popular belief the most common time for an attack on women is not at night. It is, in fact, during the early morning. Predators know this is when women are most likely to be traveling solo. Be on guard if you must be out and about during the early part of the day.


The most common place for an assault to occur is a parking lot. Predators count on the fact that their target’s hands are full. They also search for those who are distracted, such as women who are chatting or texting on their cell phones. These women are seen as easy prey. To avoid this, pay attention to where you park, be aware of your surroundings when you are headed to your car, stay off the cell phone and always be prepared to defend yourself.


What motivates a predator? The majority of sexual attacks have, in fact, nothing to do with the desire for sex. Sexual predators are motivated by power and a sense of control. They overcome you because they can. It feeds their insatiable ego. This is why there are victims of all ages. This also explains the reason why seductive clothing is not what makes a woman a target. Statistics show that fighting back or resisting in any way makes most attackers move on. They are not expecting resistance. They also know that this increases the probability of discovery. Keep something you can use to fight back handy, such as a stun gun on your key chain or pepper spray, or at the very least a personal alarm. Sexual predators want easy prey. Don’t give them what they want – FIGHT BACK!

Understanding the 5 W’s of sexual attack can help keep you from being a victim.

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