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#Pottery #Marks #Series #Grand #Feu #Pottery #Pottery #Marks #Series #Grand #Feu #Pottery Pottery Marks Series: Grand Feu Pottery Discover 22 2

Pottery Marks Series: Grand Feu Pottery

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Operating from 1912 through around 1917, Grand Feu Pottery was a little, quirky pottery studio operating away from l . a ., California. The business’s relatively production that is short led to limited output, which has led to limited availability on the collector’s market today. Pieces can vary in price from $500 for a small, simple, unexciting piece to around $10,000 for an vase that is exceptional. However, these values vary according to individual factors, like the markings on the art pottery.


Almost all Grand Feu Pottery is marked. The essential mark that is popular will see on this company’s art pottery pieces is a simple stamp reading “Grand Feu Pottery, L.A., Cal.” Collectors strongly prefer these pieces, and their value is higher than other Grand Feu pieces.

The Other mark you may later find on period pieces is certainly one which says “Brauckman Art Pottery.” These pieces can be worth significantly less than those that reference the California studios since they were created using inferior glazing and heft that is inferior the clay.

Lasting Quality

Grand Feu did something that few other art pottery production studios were able to do: create pottery that is beautiful that would last. The business created pieces which define the thought of lasting quality by utilizing rich, hard clays to generate thicker bodies in a position to withstand extreme temperatures when fired. This capability to withstand heat that is high allowed Grand Feu the opportunity to create deep and intensely beautiful glazes.

Ultimately, the rarity of these pieces are entirely due to its limited production period. Most of the pieces the ongoing company created have withstood the test of the time.


The worth of Grand Feu Pottery pieces varies according to several factors that are different. As mentioned previously, whether it is marked as “Grand Feu” or “Brauckman Art” will have a effect that is substantial value. Beyond that, you shall want to seek out larger pieces. Pieces over six inches tall or that are exceptionally wide are quite rare. With pieces of any size, look for items with handles, lids, or designs that are reticulated. Look for pieces with an increase of color and texture with their glazing over more glazes that are simple

AppraisalIf You have a piece of this pottery, you might a bit surpised at its value. You may well be capable of getting some idea on the basis of the worth of other Grand Feu pieces, nevertheless the only certain solution to discern the worth of the piece is always to search for a specialist appraisal(* that is*)subs4me(