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Pitler Family Law & Mediation, P.C

Pitler Family Law & Mediation, P.C

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At Pitler Family Law & Mediation, P.C., we give attention to helping families through the problem of divorce. We understand there is absolutely no such thing as an “easy divorce.” Even though parties have previously decided simple tips to divide their assets or have assets that are limited the experience of a divorce can be very difficult. Therefore, it is very important to hire an experienced attorney who will work that you obtain a settlement that is in the best interests of you and your children.

We have helped hundreds of clients resolve their family law issues and have learned that every client and every case is unique with you to insure. We are going to take time to pay attention to your condition, answr fully your questions, talk about the legal process and work you reach a satisfactory result.

Through with you to develop goals to help our experience, we have learned that parties are much happier when their divorce is resolved amicably. In order to provide the best alternatives for our clients, we has been certified in Collaborative Divorce Practice and is a mediator that is court-approved

Amicable Divorce Solutions

99% of cases of divorce settle without an effort. Some settle during the dining room table, some at mediation plus some regarding the of trial day. But they settle. So why should you hire an attorney who is preparing for a trial that will take place? never

The divorce system works well with everyone except your family. The device works well with the courts as it moves cases along toward completion. The device works well with attorneys because they’re in a position to bill a lot of money shepherding their customers through a operational system that is fairly predictable. The system works for everyone, except three groups of people: Mothers, Fathers and Children.

In the divorce litigation system, emotionally charged spouses hire lawyers to argue family that is important, before judges, who can pay attention to 10-15 minutes of arguing because of the attorneys, then come to a decision that impacts the whole family.
Judges will be the first to admit which they really should not be deciding who receives the home that is marital how your assets are divided. Friend of the Court Referees should not be telling you how to raise your children.You should be making the decisions regarding your children, your house, assets, and (unfortunately) debt, and you should be dictating the type of process used.
Every Divorcing couple should have a voice in every stage of the full case and control the pace, the agenda additionally the outcomes. You will have control over your divorce and your life when you select a Collaborative Divorce, Mediation or a One Lawyer Divorce. See if you are a match that is good an uncontested divorce.Phone: (248) 584-0400

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#Pitler #Family #Law #amp #Mediation
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