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Indication of a Violent and an Abusive Husband in Astrology

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  • A pattern of abusive and violent behaviours by one or both partners in a romantic relationship like marriage, when one individual attempts to dominate and control your partner is recognized as domestic abuse or violence.
  • In Astrology it is possible to predict the likelihood of the person you are currently or are about to become involved with, being violent and abusive in nature.
  • Behaviours and traits of an abusive and husband that is violent aggression
  • Verbal abuse
  • Negative attitude toward women
  • Jealousy
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Blame-shifting for Problems

Financial deprivation associated with wife.

HypersensitivityCruelty A mean lazy companion,


brutally violent, aggressive, murder, violence, riots, fires, rules one’s sexuality, sexual energy, accidents and surgeries, assertive and daring by nature.

  • Saturn:(* towards Children
  • Sexual Violence or marital rape
  • Factors responsible for violent and abusive husband:
  • Ascendant:
  • Body, mind and habit of the native

6th house:

  • Enemies, litigation, wounds, ill-fame, ill-luck, dishonour, anxiety
  • 7th house:
  • Social status, sex-relations, life partner,
  • 8th house:
  • Litigation, sex-relations, anxiety and cause of death, sex organs
  • 12th house:
  • sub-conscious fears or guilt, resentments or hates, past-life karma, potentially damaging secrets, secret enemies or saboteurs, secret plots, secret motives, suppressed knowledge,
  • Moon:
  • inferiority complexes, complex interpersonal weaknesses, emotional instabilities, emotional frustration and blockages
  • Jupiter:

significator of husband

  • Venus:
  • sexual pleasure, material comforts, incestuous, an adulterer, scandalous, loose people obstruction, dejection, extreme discipline, problematic nature, lack of tact and sensitivity, lack of consideration, excessive self-interest
  • Rahu:

nasty and fluctuating temper, harsh speech, falsehood, sin, mental illness, problems from spouse,

  • Ketu:
  • uncontrollable nature, devious, malefic, awful
  • Different combination for an abusive and violent husband:


  • Mars, in astrology is responsible for jealousy, anger, lust, aggression and violence. Mars just has lots of destructive power. Mars is responsible for violent behaviour in an that is individual
  • Mars posited in 1st/2nd/4th/7th/12th house, produces the Mangal- Dosha that is a way or perhaps the other worried about marital disputes and violence that is domestic*)Mars aspecting 7th house/lord, indicates an aggressive and violent partner.

Mars-Saturn-Rahu combination confers hostile and traits that are violent

  • Mars posited in 7th house and aspected/associated by Saturn, the low animal nature associated with husband goes without saying, leading to anger, vindictiveness, stubbornness, resentment and an nature that is unforgiving there can be sorrow and dejection by the husband.
  • 7th house/sign Libra:
  • 7th house/lord is in Aries sign/Scorpio sign /aspected or associated by Mars, indicate violent and nature that is aggressive of spouse.
  • Placement of fiery/separative nature planets, like Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu/Ketu in 7th house indicates the violent nature associated with spouse.
  • Scorpion in 7th house connected with nodes.

Venus and Rahu positioned in 7th

6/8 keeping of lords of ascendant and 7th house.[SPIRITUAL HEALER]

Lord of ascendant /7th connected with nodes/functional*)Aspect that is malefic( of least two retrograde planets on 7th house indicates violent nature of the spouse.Association/aspect of Saturn on the 7th house, conflicts may happen in married life which can be violent in nature. Major conflicts in marital life is indicated during Saturn transitKetu on the 7th house, there might be unhappiness in married life and the spouse may have extra affairs that are marital

Saturn and Rahu, Sun and Mars, Mars and Rahu combine in 7th house indicates violence that is domestic

8th House/sign Scorpio:(*)Scorpio/8th house have warlike qualities and is more about domestic family and violence disputes. It informs us in regards to the likelihood of divorce and split up when you look at the marital lifetime of the that is native(*)8th house reveals the height of hindrance the natives could face in her life that is married and partnerships.(*)8th house/lords represent genital organs, when afflicted, leading to sexual incompetence, further improves the nature that is violent of partner.(*)12th house:(*)Afflictions to the house that is 12th cause an immoral sexual life, leading to domestic violence.(*)Mars And Saturn in 12th house create problems in co-operation and attitude is to be expected.(*)Mars in 12th house increases the desire for sex but reduces the satisfaction level, resulting in extra affairs that are marital domestic problems.(*)Jupiter:(*)Afflicted Or Jupiter that is weak shows nature of married partner.(*)Moon is in disharmonious aspect with Jupiter indicates dissatisfaction in married life.(*)Jupiter afflicted by Mars-Saturn-Rahu indicates intelligence that is shrewd ignorance, over-indulgence and conceit associated with husband.(*)Venus:(*)6/8 keeping of Venus and Moon indicates disputes in wedded life.(*)Rahu conjunct Venus gives an erratic, uncontrollable spouse.(*)Afflicted Venus and Mercury in 7th, helps make the partner inclined towards secret pleasures, leading to his abusive nature.(*)Venus conjunct by Mars indicates problems in marital life violence that is including the spouse.(*)If 7th lord is aspected by Venus occupying an indication of Mars, indicates the animal-sexual instincts associated with husband.(*)BY(*)GEETA JHA (*)INDIA.(*)