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Hotel California Mee

Stop 22

The most well-known artistic product of this boozy 1920’s is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, a novel about a guy attempting to recreate a great past in a drunken, materialistic present. It is among those books most of us have a impression that is strong of or not they’ve actually read it – which makes it hard for many to approach the story with fresh eyes.

If you’re a teacher looking for interesting, relevant ways to dig into The Great Gatsby, why not try something like this on for size: the 1920’s were to WWI what the 1970’s were to the movement that is hippy. The unprecedented carnage that is global the so-called “War to End All Wars” turned disillusioned Americans inwards, setting their priorities on money, bootlegged liquor, and partying. Similarly, after the hippies failed to elevate consciousness that is worldwide peace, love, and patchouli oil, 1970’s America drowned its sorrows in disco, drugs, and polyester pants.

As an assignment, have your students compare the fantastic Gatsby to a 1970’s song in this vein that is same. Take, for example, The Eagles’ Hotel California, one of the best-selling and most songs that are recognizable this (or any) era of American history.

Hotel California boasts several of the most analyzed and memorized lyrics in roll and rock. If the element of mystery means a lot to you, you’ll probably be disappointed to hear Don Henley’s two cents: “It’s basically a song about the underbelly that is dark of American dream.” Not too a lot of rock stars would know any single thing about this. The symbol of Californian prosperity (back when that still existed) stands in as a microcosm of American decadence in the 1970’s.The in other words “hotel” (wink wink that is, California isn’t any Motel 6. It offers mirrored ceilings, courtyards, master’s chambers, pink champagne, and high-falutin’ guests. The narrator can not help but spot the woman that is seductive a Benz, a mind that’s “Tiffany-twisted,” and a lot of hot guys following her around. He asks for wine, to which the captain famously replies, “We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969.” Since wine isn’t a spirit (and we’re betting The Eagles have a understanding that is basic of), we are going to go on and assume Henley is talking about some other

spirit of ’69.[he]In a creepy turn of events, there clearly was then a beast-killing ceremony involving “steely knives,” which prompts the narrator to high-tail it “back into the place

was before.” Only once it is far too late does he recognize that they can “take a look at” but “never leave.” How, pray tell, can an individual be checked out without going anywhere physically? We are thinking there is some chemistry involved.

So why don’t we review: luxury, drug abuse, a temptress that is beautiful materialism, violence, living in the past, and being trapped. Remind you of anyone?

As a rule of thumb, music is one of the teacher resources that are best as it can be deeply personal and simply relatable as well. Plus, the known proven fact that lyrics are often highly ready to accept interpretation means your students will undoubtedly be setting up much more work than they believe.engadgets

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