Energetic Abuse: Can Someone Energetically Abuse Another Person? Still 2022

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Energetic Abuse: Can Someone Energetically Abuse Another Person?

Today 2022

If one was asked to talk about what abuse looks like, they may say that this is what happens when someone is put down, hit, sexually taken advantage of, or emotionally invalidated. When something like this takes place, it will be clear that someone is not being treated in the right way.

At the same time, even though all of these behaviours are expressions of abuse, it wouldn’t be right to say that it will always be clear that this is the case. One reason for this is that if someone has been treated badly for a very long time, they may have become accustomed to being treated in this way.

The Norm

Thanks to how long they have experienced life in this way for, how they are being treated will no longer register as abuse. And, if they have been treated in this way practically from the moment they were born, it might not have ever occurred to them that they are being abused.

If this is indeed what took place, they would have probably come to believe that they were worthless. Being treated badly as an adult is then going to feel comfortable at a deeper level.

More Exposure

Fortunately, abusive behaviour is being spoken about more in the media, which is making it easier for people like this to realise what is going on. So, no matter what type of abuse someone is experiencing, there is no need for them to put up with it.

To become aware of this is first step, while the second step will be for someone to change their life. The help is out there, they simply need to reach out for it and to do what it takes to move forward.

Another Type

What has been mentioned above relates to the kind of abuse that can be seen by the naked eye, however, there is another kind of abuse that can’t be seen. Or to be more accurate, it can be seen but it takes a different kind of sense to pick it up.

This kind of abuse is also something that can be picked up if someone is in tune with their feelings. The kind of abuse that is being spoken about here relates to energy, and how ones energy can be taken from them.

A Subtle Process

When this takes place, one might not realise what is taking place and if there are people around them, they might not realise it either. Nonetheless, once they are no longer around this person, they could feel as though something is not right.

In fact, one could end up feeling completely washed out. If they were to think about what they have been doing, they may find it hard to understand why they feel this way.

A One-off

The person who ended up taking their energy may have just been having a bad day or perhaps they are going through a tough time. If this is the case, it won’t be normal for them to take other peoples energy in this way.

They will be low, so they will be drawing a lot of energy from others in order to try to lift themselves up again. It would be easy to criticise someone like this, yet there are likely to be moments in just about everyone’s life when they fall down and can’t produce their own energy.

The Energy Vampire

Someone like this is then going to be radically different to someone who is perpetually out of touch with their own life force and thereby, needs other people’s life force. For them, taking energy from others and giving very little in return will be part of who they are.

They won’t be able to source energy from within, so the only way they will be able to have enough energy to live is to extract it from others. The people who they come into with are typically going to be sucked dry by them and it can take them a while to rise up again.

The Same Position

When it comes to the people who one spends their time with, these people can be in a bad way almost all of the time. That is unless, of course, these people are the same as them, which can mean that they won’t be affected in the same way.

These people will be dead on the inside, so there won’t be a lot that they can do to each other. As for the people who are not energetically dead, they can be in a very low place after spending so much time around someone like this.


These people will continually have their energy taken away and one won’t have anything to give them. There would then have been a point when these people were full of life and now they could be like a zombie.

The sooner someone like this realises what is going on and reaches out for assistance, the sooner they will be able to come back to life. As to how long it will take for their energy level to go from red to green is hard to say.


It would be easy to say that one can just end up with an ‘energy vampire’, but this would paint them as a victim. If one has the tendency to end up with people like this, it can show that they have bad boundaries, are out of touch with their inherent value, and don’t have a strong sense of self.

Through being this way, it will be difficult for them to get a sense of what is going on for another person and the impact that their being is having on them. Also, if one is emotionally numb and out of touch with their body, it is also going to be a challenge for them to know, consciously that is, what is going on for someone else.

If one can relate to this and wants to be more discerning when it comes to who they let into their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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