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What could cartoon characters possibly want to do with child abuse prevention?

Most will say nothing. Until recently, that probably could have been true, not anymore.

Somewhere somebody made a decision to change a Facebook profile picture to cartoon characters to be able to bring attention child abuse therefore the dependence on prevention. Many people followed suit, then a complete lot more, then thousands more. It grew into a mini-movement, got a lot of people talking, and even got media that are national.

The Facebook profile picture movement did not ask anybody to complete anything apart from post a photo to identify the known fact that child abuse exists and that we all need to do something about it. Changing pictures to a statement was made by cartoon characters– and started a discussion.

For lots of people, it did much more than that.

The Facebook picture campaign is prompting some to help make donations to organizations that are local prevent and respond to child abuse. Others are searching for more information about what can be done and sharing it with friends.

Others are posting messages on their own Facebook pages, responding to a myriad of blog postings, or media that are contacting to inquire of that more attention be provided with to child abuse therefore the need certainly to stop it. Still others are sharing their experiences that are own survivors of abuse and/or reaching out in empathy to those who have suffered abuse.

All from a cartoon character picture.

Lots of people have tried to figure out who started it and if this has all been a movement that is legitimate. But none of the really matters.

What Really matters is that conversations are taking place all over the national country about child abuse — something that people have often been hesitant to discuss, but a topic that desperately needs our attention. It’s not just something that inevitably happens and can’t be changed. It can.

More and more people are recognizing that in order for our communities to thrive, we must all acknowledge and address child abuse. Whether it’s physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect — it’s not okay for this to be happening. It is simply unacceptable for any child to be abused in ever in whatever way. Ever.

Addressing this dilemma head-on now will yield results that are tremendous. The more we invest in the health and well-being of children and families now, the more the generation that is next repay it through greater productivity, improved health, and responsible citizenship.

More And more people are also realizing that protecting children involves every person in every grouped community– it’s not someone else’s problem. It’s a responsibility that is personal

Every single person will make a positive change in the or her sphere of influence — speak with friends, family, colleagues to boost understanding of child abuse. Discover what policies come in destination to protect children. Ask officials that are local take the initiative to do more to protect children. Get involved with a organization that is local sponsors child abuse prevention and response programs.

For Instance, there are over 900 Children’s Advocacy Centers across the national country that have hundreds of resources to prevent and respond to child abuse. One example is the National Children’s Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama where model programs and initiatives are developed and disseminated to communities across the United States and around the global world.

The possibilities are endless. Together with opportunities are on the market. You will find solutions that really work, and they’re open to everyone.

The Most thing that is important that more and more people are becoming more aware of what is happening around them.

All from a picture of a cartoon character. Amazing really.

Now we have to take it from here. We have to use the momentum to take awareness of child abuse to a level that is new do much more.Communities. Individuals. Action. You can accomplish it!

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