Blocking and diverting is a kind of verbal abuse which specifically controls communication. The abuser that is verbal to communicate, establishes what can be discussed, or withholds information. He can prevent all possibility of resolving conflicts by diverting and blocking. Blocking can be by direct demand or by switching this issue.Blocking can come in the shape of accusations; however, it really is primary purpose would be to prevent discussion, end communication or withhold information.

Example 1:

Jill: “Jack, let us have the Smith’s over for supper this “

Jack sunday: “We’re not having any dinner. We can’t afford to buy food for everybody.”

Jill: “But we already have a roast that is nice the freezer, and…”

Jack: “You’re just wanting to have the final word.”

Example 2:

Jill realized that Jack just isn’t wearing his a wedding ring.

Jill: “Where is the a wedding ring?”

Jack: “have you been telling me you would imagine i am having an affair?”

Jill: “No, I do not think you are having an affair. I simply realized that you’re not wearing your ring.”

Blocking can certainly be accomplished through diversionary tactics. In example 2, Jack blocks Jill’s tries to gain information by diverting her through the issue with accusations and comments that are irrelevant

Often, the partner does not notice that the topic that is original no further this issue. She’s got been diverted.

Diverting invites an answer through the partner such as for instance, “No, I do not think you are having an affair.” Through diversion this issue is changed. None for the abuser’s diversions answer the partner’s question in a thoughtful and considerate waylike roadblocks and do not respond to statements that are diverting you from your purpose.

If you are asking a question and are being blocked and diverted, do not respond to the statements or questions that are being thrown at you. Say, “Look at me!” then keep repeating your statement or question.


“Where is the a wedding ring?”

“have you been telling me you would imagine i am having an affair?”

“Have a look at me! Where is the a wedding ring?”

“You’re just wanting to start a quarrel.”

“Look at me! Where is the a wedding ring?”

Repeat your question until he responds to it. Stay dedicated to your need to understand the response to your question. Do not get swept up in the words.

Don’t you will need to defend yourself. When you do, you will end up diverted. His response could be either a answer that is direct your question or a direct statement telling you he will not answer your question. Neither is diverting or blocking.

If You wish, say, “Stop diverting me!”samantha gerges afraid and naked

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