Arequipa California Pottery Marks Still 2022

arequipa california pottery marks still 2022
Arequipa California Pottery Marks Still 2022 2

Arequipa California Pottery Marks

Cease 2022

Arequipa Pottery was an early twentieth century Arts and Crafts pottery producer whose pottery is at present valued at something from a couple of hundred {dollars} to a number of thousand {dollars}. It was based mostly out of a sanatorium for ladies affected by the early phases of tuberculosis. The sanatorium used pottery as a therapeutic handicraft which may additionally generate income and fight idleness as the ladies struggled to recuperate from their sickness.

The manufacturing of Arequipa pottery was overseen by a number of well-known ceramic artists, together with Frederick Hurten Rhead, Albert Solon and Fred Wilde. Every of those males launched their very own components of fashion to the feminine artisans. Probably the most lasting of those kinds was slip-trailing decorations from Rhead, which usually took the type of stylized ivy leaves and vines.

A lot of the items had been marked after they had been completed, often with a variation of a graphic involving a tree and/or a vase, and the phrases “Arequipa California.” Listed here are a few of the variations yow will discover of that marking model:


The only Arequipa Pottery marking is the initials A and P. These are often crossed, with the curve of the P adjoined to the crossbar of the A.

Round Mark

A extra sophisticated marking is the round mark. This options two circles, one inside the opposite, which create a ring-like form. Within the outer ring the phrases “Arequipa” and “California” are featured. The interior circle contains a graphic of a tree and a pottery vase in grass.

This mark has a variation that may be discovered with out the circles being drawn. This marking model opts for dots to separate the phrases, that are nonetheless written in a ring-like form.

Paper Label

Paper labels from Arequipa Pottery nonetheless exist on some items. These labels present an in depth tree over a embellished pottery vase and are bisected with a diagonal banner which pronounces “Arequipa California.” These labels are uncommon to search out due to their fragile nature, however they don’t add any worth to the piece.

Three Vases

This marking reveals three vases with handles in a single row. Above the vases is the phrase “Arequipa,” and beneath is “California.”

No Marking

A number of recognized items exist with none noticeable marking current. These items are tougher to authenticate.

When you imagine you will have an Arequipa Pottery piece, it could possibly be value upwards of $1,000. Search out an expert appraisement from an appraiser that makes a speciality of ceramics and pottery.

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